Tara Clivio, Owner | Club Pilates Kendall, FL

Franchisee testimonials

Ashlie Thomison, Owner | Club Pilates Bozeman, MT

I found Pilates after a terrible car accident. After the chiropractor and physical therapist finished my treatments, I was told I had permanent nerve damage. It affected my ability to control the grip of my left hand. The pain in my mid to upper back was still significant and interrupted my daily activities. I found a senior’s Pilates class that gave my life back to me. Upon moving to Montana, I could not find quality Pilates at a price I could keep up the regular practice that I needed to stay healthy. When I found Club Pilates, I knew this was the way I could provide Pilates to anyone willing to take the first step to an improved quality of life. I truly believe if you do Pilates, you can have a fuller, richer life. Now I am surrounded by people with success stories like mine. I can’t imagine a more fulfilling business!”

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Megan Hughes, Owner | Club Pilates Bankers Hill & Rancho SD, CA

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Club Pilates Family. I started taking classes at Club Pilates as a client when there was only one location in San Diego. I loved the mobility and increased flexibility I felt in my body. I shared my love of Pilates with my Mom who has suffered chronic hip problems. She felt relief from the hip pain for the first time in many years. I enrolled in the teacher training program in 2014 and have loved every minute of teaching! When the opportunity came to take ownership of one of the “legacy” studios in San Diego, I jumped at the chance. I have had a great experience with the Club Pilates Franchise. The support and professionalism of the corporation is evident in every facet of the business. It has been great to be part of the growth this company and I’m excited for the future. My favorite Pilates exercise? Supine arms! It makes me feel strong!”

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Mark Worley, Owner | Club Pilates Alpharetta, GA

After years of working for, and selling to, Fortune 100 companies had become less rewarding and I envisioned owning a Club Pilates franchise as an opportunity to really have a dramatic impact on the health and happiness of my family, friends and community. I wanted to create an opportunity to involve my family and spend less time traveling for work. Traveling most of every week in my career has been hard on my family and I wanted to flexibility to be more available for them. I really wanted to not only create an income stream that has potential to be an absentee owner but also to create a legacy for my children and support them in the future. After having a number of personal health issues, I am really looking forward to surrounding my wife and I with others working hard to live healthier lives. I wanted to be an early adopter with Club Pilates yet join a team where I can leverage the intellectual capital of a team that has proven successful.

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I really wanted to not only an income stream that has potential to be an absentee owner, but also to create a legacy for my children and support them in the future.

– Mark Worley, Owner | Club Pilates Alpharetta, GA

Sheri Tooley, Owner | Club Pilates Camarillo, CA

“Our initial criteria for a franchise was that we could be semi-absentee owners; it wasn’t something someone could “get off the internet”; and the initial investment was under $250,000. I feel good about owning a business that provides a service to people that will help them feel better in a tangible way. It’s much easier to “sell” something that you believe in. I felt like I was “home” when I went to discovery day and met Anthony and his team in person. They spoke my language and their vision and visual esthetic (studio design, marketing materials, etc.) are very similar to mine. Just the fact that the core team Anthony had at LA Boxing came with him to Club Pilates speaks volumes. As does the fact that founder, Allison Beardsley, remains a part of Club Pilates. I feel she is the original heart/spirit of Club Pilates and it was/is important that she is still connected to the business. I don’t think you can stump them or come up with something they haven’t already thought of. They have covered all the bases and things just get better as time goes on as far as support/education. I’m most excited about getting opened and beating all the records for new membership and revenue that keep getting broken month after month as the franchise grows and the model gets stronger!”

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Ryan Ask, Owner | Club Pilates Ashburn, VA

“Club Pilates, to me, really fit with what I was looking for in a business opportunity because their approach and model is very simple and the return on investment opportunity is greater than other Franchise’s I was looking into. To break it down at a high level, I chose Club Pilates because I fell in love with the semi-absentee ownership model, the limited amount of employees needed to operate the business and the high margins on average the studios are projected to produce. After visiting the headquarters and the team for Discovery Day I knew it was a perfect fit. The corporate team has been by my side to support every step of the way and has always given timely responses to any questions. From securing my lease to sending someone out for my Grand Opening weekend, Club Pilates has been there to make sure I succeed…and that is exactly why I became part of the family.”

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