Keely Watson, Owner | 8 studios in Southern California

Our Culture

What We Believe

At Club Pilates, we believe Pilates should be for everyone. We love helping people bring health and wellness to their communities in sustainable and profitable ways. Our culture is deeply rooted in ‘shaking things up’, seizing opportunities for franchisee success and maintaining a generous spirit.

more than a workout, we’re a way of life.


We welcome everybody into our family


We are constantly moving forward and everything we do drives personal & professional growth


We recognize how fortunate we are and we deeply appreciate our opportunities


We help you gain control over your life, your health & your happiness


We provide a superior experience at an unexpected price.

Every one is the architect of their own happiness.

– Joseph Pilates

Empowerment & Enhancement

Club Pilates empowers our members to make positive changes to their health and to their lives.

Inclusion & Community

The benefits of Pilates should be available to everyone. Club Pilates provides a welcoming, safe and supportive space to experience it.

Quality & Consistency

Every Club Pilates studio offers the same superior experience with the same level of expertise and instruction – all at an unexpected value.

Contemporary & Evolving

Club Pilates will evolve and grow to lead the way for our members and for the fitness industry as a whole. Every day we demonstrate how approachable Pilates is for everybody.

Knowledge & Integrity

Club Pilates instructors have more trained hours across more Pilates disciplines than the industry standard, to fully deliver on our promises to our members.

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